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My favorite has found a new home.....

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I don’t know what it is about cows, but I just love them. And I’m going to miss this one! The Old Farmhouse Cow was sold today at the St. Augustine Art Association “Soak Up The Summer Art Sale” going on right now here in St Augustine in the gallery and online.

After spending so much time working on each painting you develop a bond with each one. This one was special as I was trying to paint in a looser style to capture the essence of the cow. It’s hard for me to paint as loose as I would like to, I am trying to not work the paintings so far that they become stiff and lifeless. Check out the other paintings in the gallery, online if you can’t make it there in person. There are some amazing pieces. #staugustineartassociation



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