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So you have to just do it......

Keep your eyes on the goal and keep PAINTING. I hope that during this crazy pandemic in which we are spending more time at home, you have been inspired to keep creating. I know that sometimes, even though we have all this time, depression can settle in and in your isolation from others you lose that motivation to paint. I have felt it often. But if you can set aside at least an hour a day to devote to painting you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish. That one hour usually stretches to two or more but having that routine set up for at least an hour will jumpstart that passion within you.

I know it happened to me. During the sheltering in place I started this painting of a crane seeking it's desired prey. Little by little I kept painting as part of my daily routine. Voila.. the painting that I call the "Approach" was completed.

Because of that perseverance, I was able to enter this in the St. Augustine Art Association's, Soak up the Summer sale. And this painting SOLD. I could not be more excited and motivated to paint.

I hope you will be inspired. I will be posting more information and painting tips here. Keep checking in.....



Check out their website to see the virtual part of the exhibit.

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